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Tar is the common name for the resinous mixture of particles that are produced by the burning of tobacco in the act of smoking.  These particles are deposited in the upper and lower airways of a smoker.

Tar is a sticky and black residue, composed of multiple chemicals, many of which have a proven carcinogenic effect on the respiratory system, mouth, throat and vocal cords.

Substances such as aromatic amines, benzopyrene and aromatic hydrocarbons are part of the long list (which increases from year to year) of substances whose carcinogenicity has been proven or strongly suspected.

Tar damages the mouth by yellowing teeth, damaging gums, desensitizing the taste buds,and causing bad breath. The respiratory track, kidneys, and bladder are also affected negatively by these toxic particles.

Unlike other substances found in cigarette smoke such as carbon monoxide and nicotine, tar has no immediate effect, but will lead to long-term damage such as cancer.

The Smokat® device is able to retain up to 80% of the tar produced by a cigarette.

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