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What is Smokat?

Smokat is an innovative device, designed and built entirely in Italy, which allows smoking the cigarette drastically lowering the inhalation of many residues produced by the combustion of tobacco.

The percentage of substances withheld varies according to the type of cigarette smoked.

Why should I use Smokat?

Because Smokat allows you to enjoy your favorite cigarette, inhaling an extremely small amount of harmful substances produced by burning it.

It is easy to use and easy to clean.

It is cheap, innovative, revolutionary and really efficient, as shown by the laboratory analyzes that you can consult from the link at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to the patented system, Smokat can block up to 80% of Carbon Monoxide, Tar, Nicotine and Carbon Dioxide.

All this without changing the flavor of your favorite cigarette!

Check personally the official results from this link!

What harmful substances does Smokat retain?

Smokat lowers up to 80% the inhalation of the following harmful substances:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Tar
  • Nicotine
  • Ethane
  • Propane
  • Methane
  • Carbon Dioxide

The percentage of substances withheld varies according to the type of cigarette smoked.

What types of cigarettes can I use with Smokat?

Smokat can be used with the following types of filters:

  • 8 mm – Classic Cigarette
  • 8 mm Flow Filter – Classic Cigarette with Flow Filter

Can we be sure of Smokat's benefits?

The Smokat device, from its design, has undergone various changes in order to make it extremely effective. During the test phases, which lasted about 1 year, we made sure that the smoker’s taste and habitual gestures were not modified using Smokat. Sure of this we had Smokat tested in various Qualified Analysis Laboratories. From the results it is clear that Lego is really functional and brings benefits to those who regularly use it.

Check personally the official results from this link!

How do i use Smokat?

How do you use the Smokat?

The instructions for using the Smokat are very simple:

  1. Insert the cigarette into the Smokat and make sure that the catalyst pin completely penetrates the filter.
  2. Make sure the cigarette filter is in contact with the Smokat base, where the calibrated holes are located.
  3. Turn the filter adjusting ring according to your needs.
  4. Light the cigarette and smoke as usual.
  5. When finished, expel the smoked cigarette by pressing the Smokat mouthpiece.

View and download the Smokat use and maintenance instructions.


How to clean Smokat?

There are 2 types of cleaning: Quick and Deep.

QUICK CLEANING use the 5 mm cleaning filter and insert it into the mouthpiece, then rotate it  5-6 times.

Once extracted, the filter will be dark in colour which means that the impurities have been removed.

Quick cleaning can also be carried out with a simple cotton swab, preferably dipped in ethyl alcohol. Make sure to insert it thoroughly and turn it in order to clean the barrel of the mouthpiece.

To carry out the DEEP CLEANING, unscrew the mouthpiece, extract the catalyst filter (gold colour) and immerse it in alcohol for at least 1 hour.

Watch the video tutorials on our YouTube channel

How often should I clean Smokat?

QUICK CLEANING is recommended every 20 cigarettes, while DEEP CLEANING every 40. These times are recommended and can be changed.

Please note that by not performing the cleaning operations, the functionality of Smokat will be decreased and a change in the taste of the cigarette may occur due to the excessive deposit inside the catalyst.

How long is it under warranty?

The warranty is 24 months. Any attempt to tamper with, modify and or use inappropriately as well as damage caused by accidental falls will invalidate the warranty.

Where do you buy replacement parts?

If necessary, you can buy the spare parts from the dealer or directly from our e-commerce.

Commercial information and Assistance

Who can buy Smokat?

To purchase Smokat you must be 18 years or older, as required by the general terms and conditions of use present on the website.

I want to become a Smokat dealer

If you are interested in the Smokat device and would like to become a reseller, contact us using the chat form or by sending a request to the following email address:

A sales manager will contact you shortly.

Shipments and Payments

Which payment methods are accepted?

You can use the following payment methods:

Credit/Debit card

What are the delivery times?

From receipt of payment you will receive the products ordered within 48 working hours.

When the shipment will be delivered to the courier, we will send by email the tracking number to track the status of the shipment online.

Returns and Refunds

Right of withdrawal?

You can exercise a return of merchandise by communicating to the following email address: The following conditions must be met:

You may return the item if you contact customer service with in 14 days of its arrival.  You have 14 days to send back the goods.

SmokatS.r.l. will re – credit the customer the amount paid at the time of purchase using the same payment method used by the customer. The shipping costs for the return are paid by the customer.

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