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SMOKAT® is a revolutionary device that allows you to smoke the classic cigarette drastically reducing the inhalation of harmful substances.

Smoking with SMOKAT® reduce the aspiration of some of the main harmful substances produced by cigarette combustion, among which monoxide and tar, without changing taste and aroma!

The duration of the cigarette can increase up to 38%.

Cigarette Holder

How it works

Smokat ® is the only device that allows you to smoke the traditional cigarette drastically reducing the inhalation of many harmful substances produced by its combustion.
As confirmed by numerous tests carried out at Analysis Laboratories, the use of Smokat ® considerably reduces the inhalation of carbon monoxide tar, ethane, nicotine, propane and methane.
It is sufficient to insert the cigarette, classic or rolled as all the filter types are supported, and smoke as usual.

Smokat will keep within it a large part of the harmful substances produced by the combustion of tobacco without changing its taste.
Its use and maintenance are simple and intuitive.
If you still have doubts, watch the video tutorial on our Youtube Channel!


What led us to the design and development of Smokat®?  The health of the smoker was the key to it’s development.
From the first prototype to the current version, we focused on improving its functionality and achieved surprising results.
Download and consult the official laboratory tests and you will have no doubt about the real effectiveness of the Smokat device!

CLICK HERE to consult the analysis results of certified laboratories!

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*The percentage may vary depending on the type of cigarette smoked.

Our priority: Your health.

Do you still doubts? Contact us!

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